The question is, Why?

March 22, 2010
By karaml SILVER, Elmira, New York
karaml SILVER, Elmira, New York
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Look into the eyes,
pain and suffering evident;
the hurt is relentless.
When will it stop?

Look into the heart,
all that's wanted is help.
Helping hands try to stop the cries,
it's agony in disguise

Look into the soul,
no one asked for this.
Homes and lives shattered,
Friends and family scattered.

Look into the minds,
A million questions soar,
all going unanswered.
All that's left is torn.

Look, just look.
The faces and places,
dilapidated dooms.
And everyone is wondering,

The author's comments:
The poem was written based on a picture of the ruins in Haiti, and the devestated Haitian citizens.

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