An ode to Freedom

March 21, 2010
The day came,
With a sudden rush.
Hidden in the alcove above,
Being protected from the horror.

For months on end, if not years,
We have hidden.
Lacking the fresh air,
Along with human interaction,

That is needed so,
To keep a person sane.
Oh, how I miss riding down the pavement,
Along with all my friends.

Having no worries in the world whatsoever.
Laughing along with others in class,
All the while, vigorously learning.
Doing anything I wished.

Having no self consciousness,
Because of the Star of David,
Sewn onto our clothing sleeves.
Making us stand out amongst the crowd.

Being teased, laughed at, abused.
Because of our religion.
Yet having not a word,
To say of it.

How I miss the days,
Where one’s religion doesn’t separate them,
But rather everyone as an equal.
Living happily among one another.

Faces smiling,
Along with the kindness of their hearts,
Shining out their beautiful eyes.
Everyone, singing as one.

Oh, how I miss flying like a falcon,
Hurtling up through the air,
Without anyone’s discretion,
With no burden in my mind.
Just the thought of peace.
And finally, freedom.

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