Your Lips Could Write a Novel.

March 21, 2010
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She's all tangled up,
in the web she's been weaving.
It was not her intention,
to be this deceiving.
But now you're gone,
packed up and leaving.
All she can do is watch,
maybe hope she's dreaming.

She'll watch you drive away,
into the fake sunset this time,
and act like it never mattered.
Trapped in her box,a battered mime.
She could even pretend,
stealing your heart wasn't a crime.

She never wanted to be this person,
to break hearts without reason.
But kissing your lips,a form of treason.
It felt so wrong,so right,
your heart was her favorite season.
Your soul bled into her for a moment,
two hearts sang in unison.

That moments passed,
they've all moved on.
Some say they're better off,
packed up and gone.
but then again,
what if they're all wrong.

without an ending to this story,
we'll patch it up and make it go away
but in this battle there is no glory.
just two people trying to make this a little less gory.

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