i will not die

March 21, 2010
By TWISTED101 BRONZE, Selma, North Carolina
TWISTED101 BRONZE, Selma, North Carolina
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it may be raining now but it cant rain forever

i will not die
i wont give up
even if others don't try
i may get stuck
but i wont live lie
its my story
and my way
if its to gory
look away
i wont cry
get me through another day
i got a story to tell
life is cruel
im not going to hell
its like a 4-way duel
i have been through a lot
my sorrows are deep
the world is an hot spot
this hill is steep
no one understands
im on my grind
im teaching myself 2 be a man
leave me past behind
i will keep my eyes on the prize
i will not die
i will continue 2 try
look 2 the sky
and ask god why
i will not live a lie
i am to blame
so much shame
i foster the flame
very little fame
until the pain came
i am going insane
i have nothing 2 gain
so leave me alone
i'll stay home
where i belong
in the dark
no light not even a spark
i will stay alive
i will not die

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