Yesterday's Battle

March 21, 2010
By yourewrite SILVER, Warren, New Jersey
yourewrite SILVER, Warren, New Jersey
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Yesterday’s Battle
I stare out the window at a blank world.
Darkness stares back at me.
Metal chains shackle my hands.
I feel nothing as my eyes rain tears.

My throat is rough,
My heart laden with lead.
Grabbing, gasping, screaming for air,
My lungs tremble and quake.

I run down the path and stare at my dreams.
I shake hands with my goals,
Smile at my aspirations.
I walk away with hope.

Failure chokes me.
It grabs me by my ankles and pulls me,
Lower, lower, lower…
Dragging me into the ground.

My fingers claw at the earth around me.
I open my mouth to scream,
But it covers my mouth.
Pressure builds up inside me.

I can’t breathe.
Anxiety, fear, anger…
I’m drowning.
My mind erupts with panic.

My limbs thrash out at Failure.
I slam my body against it.
Crushing, crashing, hurling it down.
I pull myself up out of the dirt.

Then turning, I run.
Right left. Right left.
My feet grow wings and suddenly I’m flying.
Free-falling through the sky.

My heart bursts and my mind clears.
Calm rushes over me.
The sun pours out of the heavens,
And color pervades my eyes.

Suddenly I am free.
My chains are broken, my spirit soaring
Failure turns to dust, disappearing into nothing.
Faith carries me home.

The author's comments:
Sometimes when you just stop struggling, you will be free.

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