You Know You Wish You Were Me

March 21, 2010
You sit there and brag but you don’t have the facts
The sun drives me through a cycle
The cycle brings me around and around
I have been many places that you cannot say you have
Who knows where I started?
No matter where I started it goes something like this....

One day my little liquid home was turning into gas
People like to call this evaporation
I flew threw the air looking down on good old Michigan

Next thing I knew I was clinging to a spec of dust
I once again was a wet little liquid
During this process called condensation I had many friends with me

Soon there were to many of us
We fell through the sky having quite a good time
We were precipitating
Falling threw the atmosphere until

Right on top of a tree
I dripped down to the soil
I seeped down a little until a greedy plant sucked me up
Up through the stem I went
Green surrounded me as I traveled to the leaves
With a little squishing and pulling I broke free from the leaf only to evaporate again
This all took place in a process called transpiration

After condensing and precipitating once more
I once again came to be on the ground
This time I missed the plant only to drain to a groundwater table
It wasn’t the most exciting thing to percolate
Just some dirt and some grim that made me look quite dirty

After a long time I emerged into an ocean
Oh how glorious it was to see so many other water drops
I mingled for a while till I evaporated one last time in this tale

As I condensed pride welled within me to be a part of such a glorious cloud
This cloud was different
Cold it became till I froze
We precipitated as snow down to a mountain
I began to melt as we neared a hillside
I washed down the hill as surface run-off
This time I landed in a small lake

What a glorious way to live
My story does not end
It will forever go on
But you Mr. Rock, I do not mean to be rude, you will stay
You stay and erode
Who will erode such a powerful thing you ask
Why raindrops like me of course

I turn to you Mr. Flower what do you need to live?
Water that’s right
I am water
You need me so much

Now do you see how important I am?
My life is not just important,
It is interesting and exciting as well
Forever changing and moving
A frequent flyer on the Vapor Transport system I am

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