I am not good enough

March 21, 2010
By Anonymous

No matter how much I try I am not good enough.
I try to be a good daughter.
She tells me I need to be better.

She says I want to be a doctor.
But I really don't want to be a doctor but I just have to say I want to be a doctor.

Sometimes I feel like I am a doll and she's controlling my life and everything.
And I cant approve of anything.
She is the one who picks what I am gonna be, my clothes and another words she picks my life.

She says I need to be better.
I get better.
but thats never good enough.

She wants me to get straight As.
I get straight As.
And she says I need to be in the top of my class.

No matter what I do.
I am never gonna be enough for her.

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