My Heart’s Greatest Desire

March 21, 2010
Maybe it’s just that the sky has remained dark as long as I can remember,
Maybe it’s just the solitude of the moment,
Or maybe it’s the way time seems to move so slowly, but yet is always running out…

But I can’t help but feel so alone.

Maybe it’s just the heavy midday clouds, casting away all light,
Maybe it’s just the emptiness of the room,
Or maybe it’s the way that even when I’m surrounded by people, no one sees me…

But I can’t help but feel afraid that no one ever will.

Maybe it’s just that no one has ever chosen to love me before,
Maybe it’s just the way I ache for something to hold on to,
Or maybe it’s the way I endlessly dream of something I fear may never be real,

But I can’t help that my heart’s greatest desire is another’s.

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