I'll Still Be There

March 20, 2010
By Mel1993 GOLD, Waitsfield, Vermont
Mel1993 GOLD, Waitsfield, Vermont
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Fearless- It isn't simply not being afraid, its being afraid but jumping into your fears anyway

When the whole world turns its back on you,
I'll be the one walking with you
When the weight is too much to bear
I'll carry you
When it feels like everyone has flown away
I'll be the one waiting til you're ready.
Whenever you feel like you've fallen
I'll be the one behind you
lifting you up.
I will always be the one to stay
No matter what battles you face
Just know I'm the one
I'll be there to face it all
I won't let your smile fade
And when it does
I'll be there to get it back.
I'll never hurt you
The way they have
You may not see me
But I'm always there
Watching, making sure you'll always be safe.

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