Fried Egg Blue

March 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Screaming while you cook.

You tried throwing boiling water down the sink,

But it was harder than you'd think --
And that's too bad.

You don't know how to cook.

Pissed that you're left with spilt milk,
And yet you have no guilt for your

Abusive Behavior.
Towards the kitchenware.

The pot and pan have feelings too.

I named them Mildred and Ted.
And created another world,

Where they sit around
While they sizzle fried eggs.
(Sunny- Side Up)

But it was harder than you thought

Verbal abuse towards the pans and pots.

Well you are pretty thick yourself now dear

So you don't know how to cook

Food particles stick to the stove top... and create mold.

Classes and books
Aren't going to solve your problem so Look--

[Solo.. oh yeah I'm rocking lalal alal]

Sunny side up eggs
Sizzling on Ted and Mildred

Sunny side up eggs with butter and salt.

The author's comments:
I like fried eggs. So, my dad thinks he's a "master chef." No one asked him to prepare dinner. He brings his hissy fits onto himself.Cooking can be challenging, but I just kind of get upset. If he really hates going through all that trouble, well I am perfectly capable of making my own bowl of soup. His bad attitude, taints his food. So his cooking sucks.

Although this random song is suppose to be comical and, silly.

And I really do adore my father-- and his crappy cooking :]

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