Their Song( Prince Charming)

March 20, 2010
By Aesch BRONZE, Saline, Michigan
Aesch BRONZE, Saline, Michigan
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She said she was so tired,
so hung up over lover's eyes.
She couldn't face the fire,
Shut her soul from Heaven's skies.
And waited for another
To set her free from, what is this?
A rude defiant lover
Disguised as only eager bliss.

Crumbling mountain hear her prayers
Whisper through her golden hairs
That he was her Prince Charming
Oh yes, he was the one
Who put out all her fires,
But now her dreams are gone.

She came to understanding
That boy she knew so long ago
That he endured the screaming
of voices once so soft but old.
Her heart then turned from bitter
to passion in one lonely night.
His heart was all a twitter
His love had given him new light.

Dastard tree, now see her there,
Fingers running through her hair,
now where's my own Prince Charming
Indeed, I ask you this
N'ere have I had a lover
No ignorance is bliss.

Running river its unfair
That she with all her golden hair
Acheived this, such a story
And all that she had done to him.
Now where's my happy ending?
When will my story begin?

Radiant sun I am ashsamed
Of jealousy I am to blame
God bless her and her lover
May they live untill the end.
I'll wait untill the time is right
For my one true love and friend

The author's comments:
A friend of mine had gone through boy troubles, and had discovered one day, that her ex was the one for her all along. I wrote this poem as a memorial to their struggles, but through writing it, I found my own troubles with relationships bleeding through the lines. As young people, we are anxious and impatient, but true love is out there for everyone, just dont expect to come around when you're 16

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