A grandma's love gone lost

March 20, 2010
By Alexis Morgan BRONZE, Camden, Arkansas
Alexis Morgan BRONZE, Camden, Arkansas
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When she walked into the room
it was like magic.
Her love could travel to the moon
and back.
When you were sick,
it's like her smile could heal you.
This was the love of my grandma.

From a thousand miles away,
I could not believe.
Was this real?
How could it be?

We went to find her there,
but she was really gone.
There was nothing I could do,
so much I wanted to say.
My heart still held so much love,
and it wasn't ready to let go.
And maybe that's why
I experienced my first heartbreak
on the worst day of my life,
the day you left me.
And now,
another grandma's love,
has gone lost.

The author's comments:
My grandma and I were very close.
When my family moved I didn't get to see her much, so when she had an unexpected heart attack it was a shock. She died that night and we drove there within the next day.
It was really hard to let go and I miss her so much.She was a wonderful person and my loving grandmother.

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