March 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Sometimes working it out isn't easy,
sometimes it's the hardest thing that can happen to someone.
But when it works out fine and you're happy,
I am almost always opposite of what you are.

Things don't go well for me and they never have,
sometimes I just wish the pain would stop for one minute or one hour.
But the painful truth is that the pain is always with me no matter what I do,
no matter how hard I try to hide it.

Sometimes people will catch onto my words of sadness,
but they never understand the true pain I feel every day.
When you can't figure out where you are supposed to go or what you are to do,
it leaves you in the dark, cold and alone.

I've been like this on several occasions when I have nothing left to live for,
nothing left to hold onto for it is gone.
The pain is like the rain that falls from the sky on a stormy night,
it holds pain, sorrow, and loneliness.

The day that I am finally happy will one day come,
I will on that day be joyous and giddy.
But until then I am full of sorrow and suffer through every day,
until then I will sulk in the darkness and wait for my pain to prevail once again.

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