Long walk beyond the trees...

March 26, 2010
By , san antonio, TX
How far do we go to get far from home?
Our feet taking steps,
never looking back.
Like a tree unable to move,
we stand in one place.
Yet we are running far from our haven.
Oh, how easy.
To walk so far with our heads held high.
So high, clouds encircle us, soft as a blanket.
We feel nothing, taking it upon ourselves to walk farther.
A stroll, how fun with the wind in our hair,
Blind folds over our eyes,we think we know where to go.
So empowered to keep on, with gathering thoughts.
We push them away.
Oh how cool we are to walk away.
Walk away from home, life.
And yet it is one small bead, plucked from a bag.
It will eventually be put back?
This long walk beyond the trees will only take some time.
It is a harmless walk.
We repeat the words, hear them echo.
Convinving the wind, and possibly ourselves.
The trees part,
For our long walk begins.
Farther, farther...We promise to come back, we promise the wind.
On the horizon, our outline is seen.
Farther, farthest....

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DIPTI said...
Jun. 20, 2010 at 1:29 am
wow ur wrting is simply grt.keep up d grt work.pls check some of my work.
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