Wishing for a Dream

March 26, 2010
Starstruck heavens,
rain down on me,
with hushed breaths and
pour forth some dust to close these eyes;
some magic in which dreams lie.
Pillows soft as doves' wings,
rest beneath my heart,
for it stings;
sweet heaven,
blow apon my skin cool breeze to soothe these fears,
and delicate lips to kiss away these tears;
Quietly, to you I whisper,
for a dream,
or a velvet blanketed sky,
to dim the stars,
so bright, it seems,
and to hush this sorrow in which I cry;
Awestuck heaven,
whose wind blows fierce,
dust lightly, this hole,
in which his kiss did pierce,
for ripped away,
he was,
as are my dreams;
so alone,
surrounded by demons, and jazz,
I lay,
and for sleep,
to those starry heavens
I pray.

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