The Big Finish

March 26, 2010
By Spencer Woepse BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Spencer Woepse BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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The Big Finish

Two outs in the bottom in the ninth down by two.
My friend Jimmy at second was a nervous Nelly.
I’m up to bat,
I can tell the parents know what is going to happen for they are packing up their chairs.
The pitcher looked as if this was an easy out.
The ball hurdled out of his hand and headed towards me like a bullet.
I fell to the ground as fast as a rock.
“Strike” The umpire called.
Rising to my feet I hear the faint chuckles of the enemy.
The next pitch I swung when it hit the catcher’s glove.
“Time!” barked my coach.
“Listen swing early and don’t hold back your strength.” He advised.
The next pitch was half way to the plate,
I swung as hard as Hercules would his club,
But the bat was a slippery snake and left my hands.
The bat amazingly hit the ball.
The bat redirected and struck the pitcher in the gut, and rolled near the base line.
The ball bounced in between 2nd and short stop - Alliteration
Jimmy aroused from his slumber and ran to home plate like the flash.
Disobeying my 3rd base coach I was going for the whole enchilada.
The catcher scooped the ball thrown to him up and slowly strided to home.
This was it me and the catcher fire and ice colliding.
Lucky for me the catcher took one step too many steps and slipped on the bat.
The impact of the catcher shook the earth,
But I thankfully touched the bag.

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