Black and Blue

March 26, 2010
By laxplayer814 BRONZE, Radnor, Pennsylvania
laxplayer814 BRONZE, Radnor, Pennsylvania
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Black and Blue
It was silent and still until the lights flashed on,
Both teams walked with pride as they strided out of their respective endzones,
On one side the Nittany Lions,
Who’s defense was able to shut down players faster than a cougar pounces on prey,
On the other side the Hawkeye’s coming in their home black uniforms,
The young freshman running back named Stephon Greene was not very productive until now,
Penn State was in need of a touchdown,
This young player was a spark plug in the offense,
He jogged onto the field breathing hard but steady,
The play was called a halfback draw to the right,
Clark drops back,
Iowa came running as fast as a sprinter with the safety blitz,
They came so close that he could hear the footsteps and feel the pressure arrive,
As he fell he tossed a pitch like the president does on opening day for the Washington Nationals,
Stephon Greene took the pitch to the right,
Diving out,
Just short of the goal line,
As he ran off the field he must have thought,
Thank god it’s only second and goal!

The author's comments:
I go to Penn State every year and go to football games.

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