March 25, 2010
By DreamDancer SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
DreamDancer SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Life is fleeting. Live it.

Black-grey stormclouds
Efface the white sky
Lightning shoots by in slow motion
Rolling thunder follows
It's warm in my field
Ink-black lilies
Tickle my skin
Beautiful peregrine falcon
Dives slowly
As if underwater
And lands gently on my chest
Liquid silver eyes
Bore into mine
Then suddenly
They are mine
Powerful black-white wings
Lift me into the air
Fresh, clean air
Full of electricity and thunder
Movments that seemed so slow before
Now seem to be in fast forward
I dance with the thunder
In the black-grey-white skies
Black pines covered in
Speed below so fast
By all rights
Should be reduced to a blur
But I can count every black pine
Every pale flower
Dancing with lightning
Deep into the night
Yet the sky beneath the stormclouds
Remain cotten white
I exist outside of time's grip here
Freedom, sweet freedom
Wind whips around me
Falcon war cry bubbles out of me
Running from the lightning
Daring it to catch me
Far away
But fast approaching
Alarmclock rings
I shreik again
This time in fear
As that dreaded sound
Chases me through the sky
I try to cling to the dream
As it dissolves around me
Leaving me
On a second-hand mattress
In a small room
Feathers shorn
Until I dream again

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