March 25, 2010
By Spratley4life SILVER, Brooksville, Florida
Spratley4life SILVER, Brooksville, Florida
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Live today like today, because today’s today will not be the same as tomorrow’s yesterday

As the sun sets over the horizon,

It paints the sky a brilliant orange.

A natural beauty like no other,

Just like you.

Although the air is warm and humid,

Inside I cannot be more cold and distant.

In the hot mid-June evenings, I think of you,

What we went through together,

Enduring in the past years.

Of what we felt for each other,

Or at least, how we could of felt.

As time passed I grew fonder of you,

I remember, feeling paralyzed by your beauty.

I remember that that would be the day I told you,

A day that could have been the start of everything,

But instead, it started nothing, and ended it all.

I recall all the mistakes I made,

That I cared for you,

That I thought we could be something

That I thought you might feel the same

But I was young and foolish then.

Now I finally realize how cold and cruel you were.

Many years have gone by since,

But my feelings for you never eroded.

You probably don't even remember my name,

Much less the grief you caused me.

But I remember every detail about you,

From your stunning green eyes,

To your perfect blonde hair.

I remember it like it was only yesterday,

Which, for the significance of my life,

Might as well have been.

Right now I wonder how your life has turned out,

If you have found that someone that I tried to be.

Or how many hearts like mine you have broken,

Sad and hopeless, just like mine.

It is now that I realize that I have to move on,

No matter how hard or pointless it is.

I need to forget you too,

To brush you off like a fly on my shoulder,

To feel as indifferent for you as you did to me.

To forgive and forget they say,

That is what I need to do.

But I know I can do neither.

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