March 25, 2010
By Spratley4life SILVER, Brooksville, Florida
Spratley4life SILVER, Brooksville, Florida
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Live today like today, because today’s today will not be the same as tomorrow’s yesterday

Today would be the day,

That you and me would start.

Everything seemed to go ok,

Until you broke my heart.

You knew how I felt for you,

But I was unsure of your feelings for me.

When I saw you with another one,

I knew then the answer.

You cared nothing for me,

Just another pawn in your game.

I felt betrayed.

You were the only thing I had in this world,

And now I guess I have nothing.

I guess death may be better than life,

To have nothing and not know it,

or to have something taken away from you.

You alone controlled my heart,

Until you got bored of me, and tossed me aside.

But I guess I can't really blame you,

Who would care about me?

The answer, no one.

I am just an insignificant part of this world.

Not to be cared for by any one,

Destined to be alone.

Now I really understand, but I guess you don't.

But that does not subdue my rage, or my sorrow.

I guess that this was bound to happen,

Sooner or later.

I guess sooner was better.

But for a moment in time, I thought you cared,

Now I know better than to think that any one does.

And while you may not think anything is wrong,

In fact, everything is.

Now I'll just have to move on in life,

To find another who I care about,

Although not as much as you.

To cherish and love,

Just to be betrayed by her also.

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