March 25, 2010
Happiness, freedom, and laughter
Devastation, pity, and tears
all of this she has inside her

Fear, anger, and hate
drive her to do things
terrible things to herself

Peace, love, and smiles
fuel the fire that keeps her alive
by burning these things, she kills the good, leaving the bad

If only you could see the inside of this girl
the cuts and bruises
self inflicted, self initiated

she tries to stop
stop killing bits of herself
wanting to tell someone
nobody willing to listen

a candle flickers by her window
the window inside of her world
the last light of hope in her darkness

something sets fire insider her
and with terrible passion, a bright light comes from withing
her world up in flames

with no one to put out the fire
no one except herself

the fire burns steadily for a moment
then quickly burns to ash

as the world collapses, there is a figure that emerges
with her head held high, and new found confidence
she walks past what used to be her

Now turned to ashes

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poet13 said...
Jan. 3, 2011 at 10:29 am
wow that takes a lot of strength to write about something that was so painful...  it inspires me to write something as beautiful.
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