For You From Me

March 25, 2010
By Nakia Thornton BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Nakia Thornton BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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-When you smile it brings pure delight of love and peace and warm hugs to my vivid sight.
-I listen to the birds as they sing their song
-And think about you all day long.
-High up in the branches on top of the world
-Forever and a day will I be your girl.
-Like Kronos I will devoure your love and take in every bit.
-For i'm starving for your attention .
-Tho I carry the image of Aphrodite and the beautiful eyes of Posiedon,
-My heart feels as it carries the spirit of Hades
-Stay by my side and carry my burdens like Atlas
-And be my true lover
-Only then will I discover what i've been missing
-And what I need (you)
-So, carry me away like the wind on a Spring day
-And let me float atop the flowers of the lavender ones
-And smell the perfume in the air.
-Behold, the wonders of the world , and i've just found the 8th.
-Now we can rejoice and celebrate our reuniting in the present,
-And carry on our lost love from the past...
-I'll give you a gift that will last forever and eternity -ME-
*** And that's why I wrote this For You From Me-

The author's comments:
My boyfriend just started rambling on about why he loved me and the little things I did to make his love for me spiral out of this world <3 :P

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