Secret Lovers

March 25, 2010
By Anonymous

I love my baby and he loves me
That’s how I know we’re meant to be
No one cares for me as he does
Except the One above
He’s more than a friend or any other lover
He’s kind, sweet, and like a brother
He’s the only one for me and I’ve never felt like this
How can this love be so sweet like a chocolate kiss?
When you think of your loved one before your self
That tells you that there is something more to this love
No one really knows my true feelings for you
I can’t express how I feel when I’m with you
It’s like every second of every hour that I’m not with you
I wanna start crying over you cause I’m missing you boo
But every second that we’re together it’s like magic
Ain’t anyone causing any havoc
Everything is peaceful and I never want those times to end
But then it does
And you leave me floating on cloud 11
And I’m wishing I was in HEAVEN because there would be nothing but happy days
And all my pain will have gone away
And I’ll never have to wish to stay with you cause I’ll already be there with my boo
No one will ever understand how you make me feel
You got some kind of magic that you cast when you’re around me cause when I see you
The clouds have turned from gray to blue
You bring a smile a pond my face
And I begin to glow as thought heaven’s gates are shining down on me
I hear the birds singing their sweet song in the trees
And then you walk into the glowing light as well
And then my heart begins to swell
Butterflies are jumping around in my stomach putting me back onto cloud 11
Our lucky number and then I feel safe and protected in your arms
Like nothing could ever do me any harm
I never ever want you to let me go
I will make room for you any time of day
You help me pass the horrible times away
That’s what we are
Some may believe we’re too young to know what true love is
But no one can stop me from feeling what I feel
I know my heart and I know what I feel
But the only question now is, is this for real?

The author's comments:
I was in the loving mood, so I decided to write this poem.

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