Live it to the Fullest

March 25, 2010
Emerging from darkness,
The babe now cries
For the warmth of the womb
And the black ‘neath his eyes.

Unfortunately so,
Ready, he’s not,
For the crying and terror
Of the great cooking pot.

Yet he’ll have to face it,
The cold and the light.
The sunshine of daybreak,
And the stillness of night.

But we’ll teach him glory,
To triumph ‘bove all,
Never thinking to stop,
Never stopping to fall.

We’ll teach him how to dance,
To pick up the beat,
To check balance first,
Then lift up his feet.

To live, I have found,
You leave fears behind,
Leaving acceptance,
And creating your own kind.

You are a person,
And as I do say,
To live as a human,
You make up your day.

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