The City

March 25, 2010
By Gabriel Navarro BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Gabriel Navarro BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Life was ordinary
There was no excitement to use as fuel for my soul
I wlaked down the empty streets of a gey city
A city of no light, a city of no change.
The street lights stood blank, shattered light bulbs littered the city sidewalks and streets.

Bt hushh...
My ears picked up the slight noise-no the whisper of something off in the distance.
I swung my head all around
Backa nd forth, up and down...searching for the very noise.
But in time, it slowly and surely dissipated.
Out into the grey city.

A city of no sound,
And a city of no love...For who was there to love? NO one...Love was just a satrnger to me,as i was to it.
I wlaked down the noiseless streets of this empty city.
But hushhh...Again my ears picked up the echoing, the thundering...the calling of something.
It was like the the slight whisper you get from a summers gentle breeze as it strokes your ears.

I tossed my head in every direction yet again
And there i saw...That illuminate golden gate.
My eyes could body could heart could beat.

And beat it did...louder and faster
As my arms leaned out to reach that gate.
My hands grasped the handle. I could feel the warmth flourich through my veins, its strenght over powering my muscles.
And its truth, as it threw away all lies. It took ll my courage, all my will to pull.
The light burts out like the eruption of 1000 volcanoes, as it overwhlemed the grey city.

A city OF light, a city OF change.
I wlaked down the crowded stereets of the golden city.
A city OF sound, a city OF love.

But hushhh...I still heard that sound that moved my ears...that moved my heart.
But i no longer swung my head, for i already found what it was.
And it is here..with me, in my heart.

In our city of crowded faces, in our city of endless places.
Where the streets are pounded by endless footsteps.
Where there is no such thing as silence.
Where, where we come from chanes who we are.
Here in are magic city.

The author's comments:
Dear, Teen Ink Literary magazine and website

Greetings! I am writing to you in hopes that you will see that my poem is sufficient enough to be submitted into your grand and prestigious article/magazine. My poem has a lot to do with something that I had just discovered, and that I hold very close to my heart. The way that I portray the “city” in the beginning in the poem, as dull and with no real excitement, was just a way to show how my life felt before I had met this very important person. I did not want to write something that just pointed out that I was obviously talking about this person. Instead I looked for another way to show how much my life has changed, and how my ideals on life have changed as well. I also wanted to have people think, and see what their ideas were on my poem. I did not want to write something that had a clear cut answer to it. I want people to have many different ideas and thoughts on it.

Now that I have talked to you about my poem, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am high school student, in his junior year, and I love to write poems. I do not write them very often, but I feel like I have to write about something, then I try to place my best thoughts and creativity into it. I have never been published before, but I hope that you can give my fist chance to be published. Especially in an article such as yours. I love English class, because that is the one time where things can be whatever you want it to be. There are no real facts in it. It is where your creativity and thought comes to life, and where you can share your thoughts with everyone. As I stated earlier, I do not like to make things too obvious. I would rather have people think and come up with there own answers, then just giving it away right there and then.

In conclusion, I would like tot thank you for taking this time to read my letter. I hope that you will find my work sufficient enough to be published. But if it is not, then thank you for your reading it and taking your time to look at it.


Gabriel Navarro

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