The City

March 25, 2010
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Life was ordinary
There was no excitement to use as fuel for my soul
I wlaked down the empty streets of a gey city
A city of no light, a city of no change.
The street lights stood blank, shattered light bulbs littered the city sidewalks and streets.

Bt hushh...
My ears picked up the slight noise-no the whisper of something off in the distance.
I swung my head all around
Backa nd forth, up and down...searching for the very noise.
But in time, it slowly and surely dissipated.
Out into the grey city.

A city of no sound,
And a city of no love...For who was there to love? NO one...Love was just a satrnger to me,as i was to it.
I wlaked down the noiseless streets of this empty city.
But hushhh...Again my ears picked up the echoing, the thundering...the calling of something.
It was like the the slight whisper you get from a summers gentle breeze as it strokes your ears.

I tossed my head in every direction yet again
And there i saw...That illuminate golden gate.
My eyes could body could heart could beat.

And beat it did...louder and faster
As my arms leaned out to reach that gate.
My hands grasped the handle. I could feel the warmth flourich through my veins, its strenght over powering my muscles.
And its truth, as it threw away all lies. It took ll my courage, all my will to pull.
The light burts out like the eruption of 1000 volcanoes, as it overwhlemed the grey city.

A city OF light, a city OF change.
I wlaked down the crowded stereets of the golden city.
A city OF sound, a city OF love.

But hushhh...I still heard that sound that moved my ears...that moved my heart.
But i no longer swung my head, for i already found what it was.
And it is here..with me, in my heart.

In our city of crowded faces, in our city of endless places.
Where the streets are pounded by endless footsteps.
Where there is no such thing as silence.
Where, where we come from chanes who we are.
Here in are magic city.

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