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March 25, 2010
By Anonymously,Yours PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
Anonymously,Yours PLATINUM, Norman, Oklahoma
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Rool your frantic eyes around you
Soak in the disaster!
Smoke amidst a blanket of heavy mist
Surrounding the jagged shark-teeth mountains
So they shoot through viciously
Like claws digging into soft flesh
Of prey

Run, run! sreans your body
As if you were in real agony
But... you do

Climb upward
Be desperate for life
Find the random, tiny bluebird
Hold it close, now
Stare at the blackened, dead sky
Is it a sign of hope?
Of course not. It's a desolate world

The raging war of smoke and mist clear
deem it safe
Climb down carefully, safely
New Life and civilization
Wind wips at the carcasses of the sky
And reveals happy pinks and pastel purples
Leaves changing in the fall

Pull your hands away
Let the bluebird ruffle its true blue feathers
Thrust your hands up!

Away flies the bluebird now
Watch and blink back those tears
It flies to freedom
Watch the rose tendril creep up the sky
Chasing after it

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