Who Am I??

March 25, 2010
By wildgrl2010 BRONZE, Longview, Texas
wildgrl2010 BRONZE, Longview, Texas
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Don't judge a certain person until you get to know that person =]

Who am i, you ask? Are you really asking that question? Well if you must know, then I might as well tell you. I'm someone who cares for so much and for so many people in my life. I'm a person that will never judge another human being by the way they dress or how they talk. I'm a person that is loving, caring, and trustworthy. I'm someone who will never fight over something that is means so little to me. If i tell you that I love you, then i truly mean it, I wold never lie about something so serious like that. I'm the type of girl that will do anything just to make a another person in my life happy and complete. I am a person who is kind-hearted and would not hate anyone. If u honestly care for me and love me, then i would feel the same way back, but if you start to hate me and don't feel the same way for me like you used to, then it wouldn't matter because i'll still love you until the end of time...

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