Dreams and Fireworks

March 25, 2010
By d.poe BRONZE, Putney, Vermont
d.poe BRONZE, Putney, Vermont
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I wish I was an owl, with perky eyes and an endless wisdom
I wish I knew all the answers to my questions, but somehow still curious
It wouldn’t be easy to have a soul that has no boundaries, but I would like it
At least I like to think so. Still,
I wish I was perfect and died of the consequences
I wish I had the guts to stick my head into an oven
Not that I’m suicidal, just because
“Brave”, well, that’s not me
I wish my biggest fear was of fireworks, and biggest dream
Getting a toy
I wish I could ever be enough for myself.
I feel my veins sometimes, it’s damn weird
The way they surround the pieces of meat that’s us
Nothing but pieces of meat. And bones; hardened sand, softened rocks
Us. Humans. Freaks.
More like freaks that dogs freaked out by fireworks.
I wish I could fly for a change.

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