Some Days it Hurts too Much

March 25, 2010
The pain of my heart and the pain of my mind
Can never match
Sometimes you wish the pain was bearable
Yet it feels as though you’re being stabbed
And your heart is being ripped from your chest
There are days when your heart will accept the pain it has
To endure
Other days it’ll just let the pain invade your chest
And take over your once innocent heart
Bringing you to your knees
Begging god please
To just let go, to just let you fall
But why do that if you can find a remedy to your heart ache
Sincerity is a strong pain killing drug
Humility is a stronger pain killing drug
Self- offering is the strongest pain killing drug
But who can do these things everyday
And not feel worn down by everything they give?
My heart fills with emptiness
And I cannot accept it
I am not as super-human as I may seem
My heart cries for love
And for a father that can love me no matter the mistakes I make
I am his suicidal daughter and he wants nothing to do with me
So yeah, some days it does hurt
And some days I just can’t take it anymore

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dkA.M said...
Sept. 18, 2010 at 12:51 pm
Wow. Listen, My Dad doesn't want to do anything with me either ok? I haven't seen him since I was seven, and the stupid child support people can't find him... he owe my mother 50,000 dollars in child support ok? But I don't let it get to me. I don't let it get to me that I figured out he has had 3 weddings since my mom and him divorced and I was never invited! Ok I have a great life. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself, get out of the hole your in, and you'll escape the darkness I promis... (more »)
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