Failed World

March 25, 2010
By Metallicajunkie DIAMOND, Hartfield, Virginia
Metallicajunkie DIAMOND, Hartfield, Virginia
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Decency seems to have died in some places on this earth.
Yet in some small corners of this young world kindness still exists in small doses.
These doses are just enough to keep the world healthy and functional.
When ignorance and stubborness seem to become the common tongue,
an open-minded heart can sometimes bring clarity upon a situation of misunderstanding.
When the angry become blinded by their own rage,
a saint can calm their minds and teach them to restore their vision.
When the world seems to be enshrouded in mystery,
it takes a man with bright and shining eyes to reveal the light that shadows conceal.
And though the troubles of the world don't trouble everyone,
they still must meet resolve.
For without resolve, the world has no other path to follow except for disorder.
If disorder becomes superior, the little decency that still exists and struggles to survive,
will follow the path of extinction and have no hope of resurection.
So come all yee mighty creators,
witness what your magnificent creation has become.
Stare into your world's now darkened eyes.
Read its now scarred lips.
For they tell of a weary story.
A story that sadly is true.
Your struggling world has a legendary tale to tell,
so record the chapters it speaks of.
Write the epic that your creation so strongly deserves.
For without its failed attempts at existence written in your archives,
how can you learn from your mistakes?
Keep your imploding little world a secret.
Just hide it away in your little pocket.
Pretend it never was and realize it never will be.
Survive off of your instinct that begs you to plead innocent.
Listen to your arrogant heart's misleading decisions.
Follow the ignorant morals your little allegory had to tell of.
Ignore the pain, for you have failed as a god.
Worry not of your future creation you will call a world.
For you will be given no second chance to fail again.

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