Thy Neighbor

March 24, 2010
By Janelle13 BRONZE, Burlington, Iowa
Janelle13 BRONZE, Burlington, Iowa
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As people mourn their tears
Fretting of daily fears
No one knows the trouble of thy neighbor
For no one dares to help
no one places interest in thy troubles
they fear the danger of knowing too much
help is but only a term
like spring or fall
but yet thy neighbor fears it
even dreads it
because they don't know that a simple hello would do
but no
thy neighbor fears
thy neighbor doesn't know
hey fell doubt upon themselves
and reprimand their peers
for thy neighbor truely doesn't care
but they yearn to love and wish to be loved
but they shan't be loved until they begin to care
for when they neighbor realizes love and caring walk hand in hand
they shall see great joys and love for themselves
and then give to others
what they have found

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