Shakespeare Re-Loaded

March 24, 2010
By JessKnight13 GOLD, Memphis, Tennessee
JessKnight13 GOLD, Memphis, Tennessee
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How now, good sir
How fare you today?
Are you more inclined
To madness, like poor
Prince Hamlet?
Or have you feelings
Of great love and woe?
Are you the Juliet
To someone else's Romeo?
Like Macbeth, do you plan
To murder your king?
Or use you great powers
Of sorcery?
Are you like Othello,
Suspicious of your spouse?
Or play you the tricks of
Iago? Start you a fire
That can't be doused?
Have you the fancies of Viola,
A shipwrecked maiden
Beautiful but alone
Sorrowful and hunger-laden?
Have you a shrew that
Needs to be tamed?
A Katerina who's so fair
Whose anger is all that
Needs to be maimed
Whatever the case, Sir,
Whatever your mood
Be of good temperament
As a gentleman should

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