March 24, 2010
By Anonymous

a dream for me is a dream for you when days are down we'll sing them through special times are all year round when i make a funny face you smile angry days are rainy days and today its time to make a change hearrt in hand recived by you i guess i finally found its use love is pain and pain is love some how we seem to rise above many wishes and also dreams its like our love flowing like a river stream shine and rise or die and fall the love we share hangs from wall to wall if your not loved your loved by me so try and feel the empathy the time it takes to explore the world could be spent with that special girl as days get hard and nights get rough i'll remember what you told me (dont give up)

The author's comments:
i dream to have a perfect life but its always the other way around but i found a young lady that loves me for me and i dedicated this poem to her.

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