A soul's plea

March 24, 2010
By Mithu BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
Mithu BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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I heard a lil sniff,
I heard a tear fall;
I saw a girl in the dark,
To someone she was trying to call.

"Save me", she whispered,
Through her wispy long black hair,
"Save me, please, am suffocating!",
As a tear fell from her eye's twin pair.

"Am sad, am feeling all alone,
There's no one to help me come out,
This inside's cold and rough,
It hurts, but no one can hear me shout.

"Get me outta here! am Waitin,
Am waiting for a hand
Which will pull me out of this fake exterior,
And take me to reality's land.

"A land where I can shine
I can be who I wanna be
No sad feelings, no happy mask;
And my true face everyone shall see

"I, too, am beautiful,
And I can live up to my glory,
But I need to get outta here for that,
To giv a happy ending to my long, sad story...

The author's comments:
This was when I was helping 2 special people realise their true selves... plz feel free to tell me how it is!

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