I tried my hardest

March 23, 2010
Im trying my hardest.
Im doing my best.
Im looking past my pain.
And looking forward to the rest.

Im done with my crying,
My pointless tears.
Done wishing I was better.
For you will never love me my dear.

I need to be stong.
Not for you but for me.
Falling in love is easy.
But saying goodbye is a hopless story.

Never knew I would fall this hard.
But I also never thought you would be the one to break my heart.
What happen to forever.

Oh yeah forever is a lie.
You grabbed me a like picture.
Throw me down as if I was glass.

Guess it was true.
I meant nothing to you.
You only wanted to get layed.
Played me for a fool.
Took my heart. My virgianly
I wanted you do be my frist..
But also my last.

What more can I do.
My heart crys everyday wishing I was still with you.
But your not. Your gone.

Your a old flame that is not longer burning.
A well writen path with no right direction.

Come back to me I dream each night.
Take away all the hurt in site.
No longer make my tears fall from my eyes.

Im drained. No more love is left.
No more hate to recive.
Take this knife slowly cut me.
You put me through so much pain.
Im sure I wont feel a thing ...

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