March 23, 2010
Droplets of rain glitter as the sun shines its light unto the world
Birds chirp and stretch their wings ready to take a flight through the warm weather
Everything starts to awaken as the new season comes around
Children’s laughter is heard and smiles are present on their faces
Specks of green slowly start to appear on trees which eventually turn into bushels of leaves
The trees also awaken and shake the last bit of snow and water of their shoulders
Flowers also open their petals and drink the sunshine in
Rainbow colors and variations of flowers dominate gardens and yards
Students start to change out of winter and slip into the spring mood
Students realize the school year is almost ending as they breathe in the spring around them
And what am I doing during this transition into spring?
Sleeping, sleeping until I awaken into the final metamorphosis of spring
Sleeping until I see spring present at the moment

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