I Need This Dance

March 23, 2010
By Anonymous

find me need me want me breathe me
save me pls oh pls just somebody
pls just take the time to try
save me save me end it before i do with suicide
end it all take it away forever
I dont wanna ever say never
I just wanna be loved equally now
why why why, pls help me just tell me how
id do anything everything id do it all
just for the chance to have you someone to fall
to fall to fall for me pls oh pls just finally
give me someone give me them equally end it all let me
give me strength give me it all
I cant go on much longer i can barely krawl
I need love I need you
pls im incomplete as 1 I need 2 be 2
Just fulfill this wish as it is my last
at this last dying moment I let go of my past
I give them all away I trade my life for a chance
a risk if you will ...for me one last and final dance
as i sway willingly towards you and your dress
I fall I krawl Im bleeding im a mess
and just before reaching you it ends my body gives way
as Iv said I cant go on as one anymore just not today
I need someone I need you
tarah just be there make us 2
end it all take me away
lets start a fairytale lets make it stay
lets show everyone love exists
we can show them all this road with winding twists
and this time as I sway towards you with my heart on my sleeve
you take me kiss me and I do are the last words from ur mouth to leave.

The author's comments:
Tarah inspired me to write this.

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DreamerForever BRONZE, Greenville, Delaware
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