The Cry of a Moonlace Flower

March 16, 2010
By OscarW. DIAMOND, Clarksville, Arkansas
OscarW. DIAMOND, Clarksville, Arkansas
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"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds ways to kneel and kiss the ground." - Rumi

The ever-persistent evening breeze
Carries the night through the trees

Slithering, stalking, its claws are spread
Searching, destroying, all light be dead

High aloft, the moon it rise
Singing its chorus, before dark dies

Satin moonlight drips shimmering aloft
Through the canopies, the moonshine drops

Spilling over flower and weed alike
Giving them breathe during night's fright

Unfurling mine petals, with not a doubt
That the moon's shining beam did seeketh me out

"O, beautiful, beautiful moon of ours,
Giver of breathe, singer of stars

Leaveth not our side alone
Lest we wither, grass to bone

And continue to radiate your profound life
Unto us, so we may delight

In your beauty, I do live
Merciful, merciful, continue to give!"

The author's comments:
I don't know why, but, if anyone who reads this has read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, that flower Percy get's from Calypso... I think that's where he got it from, if I remember right,that's what made me want to write this. :) Such good books.

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