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March 16, 2010
By Kristin Athey BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
Kristin Athey BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
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The different seasons come and go,
But winter stayed this year.
I feel cold;
And I wish winter would go away
So I can thaw in the sun.
The sun becomes my yellow crayon,
And I will paint an island.
I would use the island’s resources
And there would be an ocean for fish.
But winter is still here,
And I still love crayons.
So I turn to my dear friends,
Who answer at my call.
I would have to say
That I ask too much of people.
Even when I ask for their company;
Their time.
One of my fears is the emptiness
You feel when you’re in the dark;
Like you’re going to be trapped their forever
In the darkness.
Guilt runs through me
While I wait for their answer from my fear.
Who doesn’t deserve a clean slate
After they know they royally screwed up?
I draw a mirror with my utensils,
Are is shown in the beauty of my face;
My nose however,
Is the outcast of my family.
But my eyes shine bright
With the beauty they have seen;
Like the magic my hands create
When I draw.
The first day we met was pure joy.
When I saw what they did
My eyes must have been the size of golf balls.
I explored my limits
And how they created beauty.

They will always remind me of my childhood.

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