tears of glass

March 16, 2010
i sit here staring at her,
she lay's on the hospital bed,
on it's starched white sheets,
i stare and think how could this happen?
she lay's so lifeless, when she used to
radiate with life. she uesed to smile
and laugh at the smallest things,
now she can barley crack a smile.

she lacks the energy to do the
smallest simplest things.
she can barley pull herselg up
off the bed and take the few
small steps to the bathroom
yo relieve herself. the girl in
front of me is not who
she used to be.

lifeless, like a corpse, she
lays there in front of me. her skin
transparent, thin is pulled tight
and taunt over her bones, it is
the pale purplish-gray you'd see
on a corpse. all around her eyes
is sunken in and deeply bruised
dark purple. there is no meat to
her bones. even her hair seems dead.

it lies around her head in dull, greasy,
tangled wads. you can rarley shower
or brush your hair when you lack
energy and have an IV in your arm.
her eyes are the only part of her
where you can still see life.

her eyes still shine with life,
dispite her body, glazed over
by all the glass tears that fell
from them. she used to cry all the
time. she cried tears of hot burning
glass as she cursed her life, and God.
she was young, just begging her life,
and He burdens her with this?

months later she cried tears of
cold burning broken glass, of
acceptance and fear. she gave up
on her life and was scared of what
her death would bring. she didn't die,
she made it through, but she never
fully recovered.

as i sit here staring at her in the mirror,
her skin is a pale rosy-peach, she has
meat on her bones and life in her hair,
but she is stuck between her pasts.
she sees faint hints of a gril who couldn't
smile enough, she sees ghosts of a girl
who would never smile again.

through it all she sees two scars
from all her fallen tears. two pale
streaks from her eyes to her chin,
so faint no one will see. no one
can see, because no one saw her
tears. i sit here staring at my
reflection in the mirror, and think
who am i now?

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Milo! said...
Apr. 6, 2010 at 9:48 pm
This is really good! i really like how it flows and is easy to relate to. I hope to see more work from you! I would love it if you would read some of my work. I think you would like it.
psychokidd replied...
Apr. 7, 2010 at 1:26 pm
thanks for the feedback, it's much apreciated. i will definatly look into your work......
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