My last supper

March 16, 2010
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It’s dinner time,
Mother calls for me.
Everyone rushing down the stairs, ready to eat.
Little do we know a catastrophe is waiting.
Everyone seated as mom passes the food.
First up: disgusting, nauseating, green vegetables.
I pass them to the dog.
Next up a giant meatloaf,
Once again I pass it over.
Mom upset about all the time being put into this meal.
I get up to get a glass of soda
I drop my plate,
The dog hears the ruckus and goes wild.
As the dog going crazy, he bumps into my sister and she drops her drink,
As I go back to the table I slip on the drink.
All my brothers and sister laughing at me
And my parents yelling at me,
I knew that this was my last supper.

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