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What It Feels Like, To Be Left By You

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Let me tell you something here about me
About where I am, and where I'll never be
I'll tell you what you don't know
'Cause what you don't know is everything
I hate you,
And I hate everything you're about
I hate everything you do and everything you love
And if you pretend to love me
Well, then I hate that too
I hate how cut-throat you are,
And how efficient you seem
I hate your white caps and lectures on dark things
I hate the way you treat every scared maid who comes into your house,
And I hate the way you chase them off with your superstitious
I hate how I can't make you love me, and I really hate how sad that makes me
And the rest of you!
I hate how you always freeze me out and exclude me
I hate your stupid pink dresses that I can't fit into
I hate how cold you are, how mean
Strict, cruel in your subtle little ways
I hate your accents,
Your flags hung up on the wall
Your clothes, your views
Everything that makes it so obvious where you're from
And I hate how proud you are of that
I hate the way everyone seems so much more important
Than me, with you
And how you make me feel like I could be so much better
But I'm not
And I never will be
I hate how you make me cry at night
How you make the days seem empty and the nights seem hollow
How your very presence drains the life out of like a parasite
I hate how easy it is for you to get into my head
And how much I stupidly care, still care,
What you think of me
I hate the way you tie your shoes
I hate how you got that book before I did
I hate your sense of humor, how narrow-minded you are
How you laugh and taunt,
the way you make it seem like I'm a lost cause,
a mental case
But most of all, I hate how much you love each other and don't love me.

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