I Know Who I Am

March 15, 2010
By , Bennington, VT
I know who I am
I’m a fighter
A warrior
A leader
A Friend
A role model
A Brother
I know who I am

I am a fighter
I fight for what is right
Law and Order
Not much else

I am a warrior
I don’t do things slacking
I do them right
Working hard
Thinking hard
Like a warrior

I am a leader
I don’t follow
I lead
I am the leader
A leader of the army

I am a friend
Someone that is there when needed
Someone to make you laugh
Someone to have a good time with
Someone you can rely on
I am a friend

I am a role model
Someone to look up to
I encourage
I preach
I lead by example
Younger people look up to me
I am a brother
Like a friend I am always there
Fighting for my brother
Fighting for my sister
As a good sibling
I fight for my family

I know who I am
This is only part of me
For you to know who I am
You should really come talk to me

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love374 said...
Apr. 21, 2010 at 8:57 pm
I love this is so sweet!!!! I wish I had a friend like you!! You sound sp sweet!!!
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