March 15, 2010
By Anonymous

I am
Hurtling towards life,
So I try desperately
To gather myself.
I hold my breath trying-
But not really succeeding-
To make a plan of action
For my life
I run one way, turn and reverse.
I have been trying forever it seems.

Talking of the future, I don't know what to say,
"It's coming, I'm just not sure."
"I'm pretty sure this one, or maybe that?"
"I'll try harder, I promise."

The college decision is like a complex maze
You enter over and over
to conquer.
There's no strength, I can't keep going.
There's no choice, I despair
Of ever finding the right path.
My family wants to help.
They give me advice.
They point me to God.

It is Fall. The decision must come by Spring.
Several times, usually often,
My mind is called from it's dreams
To think of the inevitable.

I have talked to my family.
I have seen their support, love

I refocus my mind
But want to return to the familiarity
Of my family. They could know the answers.
They've done this before.

But, maybe this is what life is,
And is supposed to be;
A journey.

I take one tiny step forward

To begin, like a morning

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