In The Midst Of My Silence

March 15, 2010
As I drift off into different melodies, I find a sense of comfort that overwhelms me.
My eyes closed, no hand to hold; in the darkness I search for whom ever I is.
Or, when I sit betwixt death and night; allowing my mind to take flight.
I fear none, but THEE one.
Sunrise to setting sun, not a word I utter, whats to say?
I am lost, but don't search for me; this journey will soon show; who it is I want to
More so, who it is I need to know.
In the midst of my anger, the midst of the danger my strength NEVER waivers.
I strut through, eyes fixed straight, head never bowed.
Whoever this is...strength and faith overtake them.
I embrace this courage; to nourish and flourish...though it may never make sense...
so I still search...
In the midst of my silence.

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