I Don't Like You

March 15, 2010
By Emilymc3195 GOLD, Northvale, New Jersey
Emilymc3195 GOLD, Northvale, New Jersey
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I don’t like you,
How you look at me
How you treat me
How you make me feel
You told me you loved me
You told me you cared
You told me you would always be here when I needed you
Well, I’m here
You’re not
I need you and you don’t care
You never cared
Don’t tell me otherwise
You left me like I was yesterday’s news
Like I was nothing but a piece of yesterday’s trash
Lies. That’s all you ever told me
Lies. You didn’t love me
You didn’t care
I’m different now
I have a secret for you
I don’t care either
I have another secret for you

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