Pitter Patter Drop

March 15, 2010
By VictoriaH. PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
VictoriaH. PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
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Pitter, patter, drop
The melodic rhythm fills my ears
As I walk out into the cool drizzling night
The moon my only witness, as it lights up the dark sky
The silence surrounding me like a cloak of peace
As the fresh smell of rain fills my lungs and soul
Refreshing but never satisfying
Permanently stamped into your mind
It never fails to leave you wanting more
Pitter, patter, SPLAT!
The sound, enchantingly similar to the musical beat of brave Indian warriors,
quickly and steadily, beating their war drums
It comes faster now
Soaking you and the earth, which gulps it all down
As you walk, drenched, through an emerald green forest
It’s a magical night and a fairytale garden
That all started with
Pitter, Patter, Drop

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