Adam and Eve

March 15, 2010
Adam loved Eve with a love that was beyond reason;
with a love that knew no boundaries,
because he didn't know any better;
and Eve,
not understanding the evil and sin in her garden,
loved Adam because she never thought of the possability of anything else.
So Eve,
in her child-like innocence,
believed that the serpent spoke true-
and what a shock it was to her to find that not all love was pure.
Biting of the apple,
her heart exploaded,
sin washing away that delicate ignorance,
untill she was afloat in agony.
And Eve,
so unsure of the future,
clung to her ever-faithful Adam,
and he, too, was suspended in her pain.
Despite the evil that now surrounded them,
when the angels at Eden's gates with flaming spears did block their admittance,
Adam took Eve into his arms,
and loved her just the same.

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