March 15, 2010
By SadieJayy BRONZE, Lamar, Missouri
SadieJayy BRONZE, Lamar, Missouri
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I have no daddy he seems to have run away.
I was so young their was nothing i could say.

But i've gotten older now,
things are becoming clear.

You never loved me!,
i'm glad your not here!

I keep telling my self these things,do i love you,nope!

you think my Mommy loved you when you held the knife to her throat.

My brother doesn't need you,
and my sister doesn't know you.

But Daddy,why did you go?

did you think i was so young that i wouldn't know?
you weren't their on fathers day,
or when my mother needed you.

i'm writing this to say,WE needed you.

But you weren't their,
and now i hate you.

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