March 15, 2010
By Anonymous

So what do I do?
Do I run?
Do I hide?
Do I face things?
Do I stare you in the eyes, prove I don't need you?
Do I find someone else, make you jealous again?
Do I make you feel the pain I did?
or do I forget?
Do I move on?
Do I completely let go?
Do I be your friend?
Do I smile in the hallways?
Do I talk to you in a group?
Do I let you make me laugh?
or tell me secrets?

What do I do?
Are you scared too?
Why do you keep doing this?
Why don't you leave me alone?
Do you need me?
Do you actually want me?
or was it all jealously?
Was it that you me finally happy?
Did it kill you to see me laugh and smile,
without you?
Did it crush you when I said no?
Would it hurt you to know I felt nothing in your kiss?
That I'm happier without you?
Would it kill you to see me kiss someone else?
Did you feel something when we kissed?
Do you hate being alone?
Like I do?
Did you really love me?
Why did you stop?

Will you always remember me?
Will you dream about me?
Will you regret breaking my heart?

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